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X-Rays at St Clair Dental

Little girl holding x-ray of mouthA proper diagnosis is the key to addressing any dental issues. At St Clair Dental, we utilise diagnostic imaging that has minimal radiation and only recommend X-rays if we feel they are necessary. Generally, our patients have X-rays taken every 18-24 months.

Why Take Dental X-rays?

The high-quality digital images we take are seen straightaway in great detail, allowing our team a deep understanding of your level of oral health. Full mouth X-rays can also be taken with our OPG machine. Some of the situations in which dental X-rays are helpful include:

  • Bone density assessment for having a dental implant placed
  • Bone loss from gum disease
  • Bone or root canal changes caused by infection
  • Decay not visible to the eye
  • The location and eruption of a child’s permanent teeth
  • The positioning of wisdom teeth
  • Tumour presence suspected

Want to Learn More?

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