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Dental Fillings at St Clair Dental

Woman inspecting her dental work in a mirrorWhen a tooth has been damaged by decay or other trauma, we want you to keep your natural tooth if at all possible. Often, a filling offers a simple solution to restoring your smile. At St Clair Dental, we offer fillings in a range of materials to meet your needs:

  • Composite resin restoration
  • Glass ionomer cement
  • Light-cured composites
  • Self-cured composites
  • Silver amalgam

We would be happy to take a look at your tooth and discuss which of these materials is most appropriate for you.

The Process of Getting a Filling

There are two steps involved: preparing the tooth and placing the filling material. First, we’ll determine which shade is best to match existing teeth in the case of a tooth-coloured filling. Then, we’ll remove all decay present and isolate the tooth with a cotton roll or rubber dam. A phosphoric acid substance will be briefly applied and rinsed off, followed by a primer and adhesive. The filling material will be placed, followed by finishing and polishing to contour the restoration.

Want to Learn More?

Schedule your appointment with our gentle, caring team today! We offer same-day visits and accept health fund coverage.

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