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Your First Visit: a comprehensive examination & consultation

Patient Care at St Clair

Dr Sanghavi and his team welcome people to visit St Clair Dental in Woodville, Adelaide. We will make sure that your visit is as comfortable and positive as it can be. Upon arrival you can relax in our modern reception area where you will be greeted warmly. We aim to provide you with the most positive dental experience you have had yet and over time, you get to know our dentists well and feel comfortable in their care.

New Patients

New patients are required to complete a short medical and dental history questionnaire. This will help the caring dentist to create a plan that is customised to your individual needs, preferences and budget.
Come prepared! Download the new patient form here DOWNLOAD
complete in your own time, prior to arrival.

  • Information contained in the form will be maintained strictly confidential and is for medical purposes only.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Dr Sanghavi always likes to begin with discussing your primary concerns, what you want to achieve with your smile. During your first visit with our gentle dentist, a comprehensive evaluation of your mouth and jaws will ideally be conducted. This will include collecting necessary clinical records that are required such as x-rays, digital photographs of your teeth, tooth and gum charting so a thorough assessment can be made to evaluate the state of your oral health. Patients are encouraged to ask questions and voice any concerns about a procedure or treatment with our caring dentist. Should you have concerns about pain or feel anxious about any aspect of the dental visit, please let the dentist at Woodville know so it can be addressed for you promptly.
If further treatment is required to improve your oral health, our caring dentist will provide you will a full explanation and video representation of appropriate treatment options for you to select from. Professional recommendations will be offered as a summary of the dental care you need after comprehensive examination has been completed. These will be presented in a way that is informative, designed to help you to make the best decision for your own body.

Diagnostic x-rays:

may be taken for our caring dentist to evaluate your dental condition in order to reach a definitive diagnosis, otherwise signs of early dental disease can go undetected as are invisible to the naked eye in initial stages. If you have dental x-rays from a previous dentist, please organise these records to be transferred to us or bring them along with you on the day.

Intra-oral photographs:

on examination, if one of our caring dentists see’s something that they would like to show you, they will take a picture of it with a micro camera that is the size of a magic wand. It is important to our dentists at Woodville that you know what is going on with your body and are well informed of the condition that it is in. So through the use of this technology, they will be able to show you exactly that. This type of imagery is very popular and helps many people to better understand what factors are indicating treatment and why.

Professional teeth cleaning:

special instruments are used to remove hard calcium deposits (tartar) covered in bacteria that stick to your teeth above and below the gum line. The very presence of this tartar against your gums causes bleeding and inflammation as a result of a bacterial infection that your body is trying to fight (gum disease). By scaling and removing the deposits off all your teeth – the amount of bacteria that has accumulates in your mouth and entering your blood stream is immediately reduced. Teeth are then polished so they feel smooth though more importantly making it harder for bacteria to adhere to the newly cleaned surface.
This proactive process of preventing dental disease through regular professional dental hygiene treatments, can reduce your risk and severity of impact if you happen to have another chronic illness such as; diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. We strongly recommend if you do happen to have one or more of these illnesses, that you visit one of our gentle dentist at St Clair on a regular basis for proactive management and prevention strategies to benefit your overall health and wellbeing.
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