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Quick Straight Teeth

Do your teeth stop you smiling?
Do you want straight teeth and a beautiful smile?
Do you want nearly invisible braces?

If the answer is YES then ast St Clair Dental about QuickStraight ™Teeth

When you talk about braces, most people think of ‘train-tracks’ or the ‘Ugly Betty’ look!

You can be assured that with QuickStraight ™ there is no comromise on aesthetics or results. Our braces look great, feel comfortable and work quickly to give you a beautiful new smile

The system works using tootl coloured brackets and wires to ensure that once

placed in the mouth, the braces are almost invisible. Most people will be unable to tell you are wearing braces at all

QuickStraight ™ gives you fast results because we do not address major arthodontic issues, instead the system works to gently level and align your front 6 teeth only to giving you straight teeth…quickly!

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We are patient centred, family-friendly dental practice proudly serving Woodville and nearly communities for nearly 40 years. Our team of highly qualified, experienced staff, have made us one of the most leading and popular dental clinics in the area. At St Clair Dental, our best efforts are to ensure you have a positive dental experience.

We can provide you with comprehensive dental care; integrating the correct mix of established conventional procedures and modern technology to improve the desired outcomes and to keep you smiling.

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