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General Dentistry

St. Clair Dental is a one-stop shop for all of your dental needs. Dr Sanghavi and his team of dental professionals are experienced in hygiene, preventive care, patient education, cosmetic and implant dentistry, happy gas for anxious patients, and same day emergency care.
Our dentists aim to preserve your natural teeth if possible. We offer root canal therapy to save an infected tooth, high-quality crowns, fillings, bridges, dental implants (placement and restoration) and other teeth replacement solutions. We also perform full mouth reconstructions to create a new incredible smile for you.

Day Emergencies

Dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them. Dr Sanghavi offers same-day emergency dental care to relieve you of your discomfort right away. We guarantee that patients who need urgent attention will be seen on time and on the same day.

Happy Gas

End your dental fear and anxiety with happy gas (nitrous oxide or inhalation sedation) at St Clair Dental. Happy gas helps you relax, so you can feel more at ease during your dental appointment.
Call 08) 8445 1246 now or schedule your appointment at St Clair Dental. Our gentle dentists in Woodville, Adelaide are excited to help you overcome dental anxiety.


Restorations (fillings) are the most commo form of dental treatment to restore broken down damaged teeth. Damage can be caused as a result of tooth decay, dental injuries, trauma or erosion from acid exposure. Teeth can be restored with a variety of different dental filling materials. These include amalgam, dental cements, composite and gold.

Fillings may be necessary to restore a cavity of tooth decay. Leaving a cavity with decay present will continue to proceed into a severe dental infection. Early detection of cavities mean that the decay can be removed, and the hole filled before it progresses further, to prevent the dreaded toothache and structural damage. There are different types of dental materials that can be used to restore teeth. Our experienced dentist will inform you of the best material available to suit your specific condition. St Clair Dental is a non-amalgam practice and will restore your teeth with a modern tooth coloured dental material that is durable and affordable.

Composite Resins

Composite resins are matched to the exact colour of your teeth and are bonded as an adhesive to the surrounding enamel. It is then set hard (cured) within 20 seconds and strong enough to immediately eat or drink on after you leave the dental office. The material comes in different shades, toughness, and translucencies that can match the teeth. It is very effective in restoring small to medium sized cavities.


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