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Children’s Dental

At St Clair Dental, we care about your children and our top priority is to ensure that they receive positive dental experiences. We understand that at times, visiting the dentist can be overwhelming so have a dedicated child friendly room filled with children’s toys and decorations to help them (and you) feel more at ease.

Children can sense fear in their parents, so it is important not to let your child think that a visit to the dentist is something to be worried about. The best way to support your child in their dental health for life is to not discuss any of your own fears or past experiences in front of them. Dentistry today for children can be a positive experience if you encourage tooth cleaning twice daily at home, instill healthy eating habits by limiting snacks and they attend visits regularly to become familiar with the surrounds of the dental environment. Our caring dentist at St Clair Dental, Woodville can positively shape your child’s perception of dental care and detect habits and anomalies that impact their teeth very early on in life.

Did you know – you may be eligible to Bulk Bill basic dental services for your child through Medicare? To find out more about the Child Dental Benefits Schedule government funded program



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