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About Us

Practice Philosophy

We are a state of the art family dental practice in the heart of Woodville, Adelaide. Our vision is to make a commitment towards excellence by providing the highest quality of dental care while maintaining a relationship of sincere trust and individualised care.
We specialise in all aspects of your oral health. Our team of dental professionals are inquisitive, updating their knowledge through continuing education and training, and show an uncompromising attitude to acquire new skills and techniques so as to offer you the most pain-free and comfortable dental care available.

  • Through an intensive and committed practice of dentistry, we have developed a reputation of integrity, honesty, and lasting quality.
  • The bedrock of our practice philosophy is based on the nurturing relationship of sincere trust, open communication, and personalised treatment. We strive to understand the nuances of your requirements and will always allow you to choose the type of dental health care you desire.
  • Our definitive goal is to address your concerns whilst trying to elevate your dental experience beyond the realms of the average person’s perception of what its like to visit the dentist.
  • “ Our mission is to create and maintain affordable and incredible smiles for all our patients ”


    Our Promise to you

  • We promise to deliver all our services with adept proficiency to help you achieve the desired outcome at an affordable price.
  • We value your time as much as we value ours. Appointments are thoroughly kept in check, unless there are some unforeseen circumstances or an emergency.
  • We will offer a detailed explanation on the range of treatments we offer and advise you about the best; however, allowing you to make the final decision.
  • We will provide a full written treatment plan after your initial consultation, describing the treatment options and the breakdown of costs.
  • The pricing policy we have will be all-inclusive, with no add-ons to the fees that you have been quoted.
  • Treatment will be carried out in a hygienic surrounding with the most advanced technologies.
  • In the end, to monitor our work we will keep a track on all your appointments, treatments and your progress by means of an Annual Review.
  • In reciprocation, we would appreciate your arriving in good time for your appointments and follow any given advice regarding the treatment done for you.


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